Satin Ice Pink Vanilla Fondant - 1kg

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Gluten Free
Dairy Free
Nut Free


  • Our signature flavor is unmatched: Mellow, Smooth & Creamy and NEVER chewy. Our chocolate fondant, with its "Tootsie
    aroma" and flavor, is a favorite.
  • Excellent elasticity when rolled out, easy to handle and seemingly unbreakable.
  • The satin-fine texture allows it to be rolled very thin.
  • Made in the USA, ensuring a fresh, consistent product.
  • Satin Ice is Certified kosher pareve, providing access to a broader market.


  • When modeling decorations, your pieces will dry just as you intended. Satin Ice will not overdry and crack.
  • Seals the cake, keeping it moist and fresh and increasing the shelf life of the cake.
  • Your finished cake may be refrigerated or frozen once covered.
  • Our exclusive Gum Paste formula adds even more decorative possibilities. Use alone or as an add-in to your Satin Ice fondant to create stronger pieces where you need them.



  • After removing Satin Ice from the pail, divide product into smaller pieces and place in mixing bowl with dough hook.
  • Smear or spray the bowl and hook with a small amount of vegetable shortening to prevent the icing from sticking and allow for easy removal of product once mixed.
  • Mix on low speed for 1-2 minutes, kneading the icing to a smooth even consistency. Color or flavor may be added prior to mixing. We recommend gel-based food colorings from AmeriColor. Satin Ice can easily be kneaded by hand as well.
  • Knead for several minutes on a smooth clean surface dusted with a light coating of cornstarch until the product feels smooth and pliable.
  • Similar to chewing gum, the gums in rolled fondant become more elastic and extendable once worked. This is why it is necessary to knead well before rolling out.
  • Satin Ice may be rolled or sheeted paper-thin and yet remains very easy to lift and handle. The average final thickness when using as a cake covering is approximately 1/8 of an inch. The thickness of the icing will also depend on the cake height. On taller cakes the icing may be rolled out a little thicker.


  • If the prepared cake has been refrigerated or frozen, it is important to bring it to room temperature before covering or decorating with fondant.


  • Seasonal climate temperature changes may require the icing to be softened or made a little stiffer.
  • If you feel the need to stiffen the product, knead into the product some powdered sugar.
  • The addition of a few drops of glycerin to the fondant will soften the icing during the colder winter months, however once the product is stored at room temperature no additions or product changes should be necessary.
  • Any time Satin Ice remains open to the air it will dry, therefore it is very important that product storage is airtight. We recommend sealing the fondant tightly in its plastic bag and storing it in its pail after use.


  • Satin Ice covered cakes may be refrigerated and/or frozen.
  • When doing so we recommend that the cake be kept covered or packaged, as some refrigerated units may have high humidity which can cause water condensation on the cake surface.


  • The addition of extra gum tragacanth or CMC powder will make the icing more extendable, and will also cause the product to dry faster.
  • Ready-made Satin Ice Gum Paste (available in white/vanilla) is available for this purpose and is ideal for the production of sugar flowers, ruffles, decorative borders, figurines, etc.


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